Considering starting some creative writing: Thoughts?

3 years ago
I've been trying to lose weight as well. And your blog is amazing. I started at 158.9 and now I'm 150.5. I've been working hard, but how do I stay motivated to keep losing weight? :)

Honestly i have just been taking it one day at a time. My biggest problem is overeating from boredom so I have started writing Think it through on my hand so that whenever i go to have something for no reason I just take a look at it. In terms of staying motivated just have an idea of what you want to look like in your head and stick with that (there better not be any anorexic looking skinny people in that picture i hope). Aside from that just try and be happy by being yourself, if you are doing this for yourself and not someone else you will be that much more motivated. 

I hope you continue and feel great about yourself because everyone is beautiful.


lost 5 kilos in 2 months :)

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Goals No matter how cheesy they are

To be fit

To be healthy

To not lie when you say “I love myself”

To not comparing yourself to others

To not freaking out when your shirt accidentally exposes your stomach

To not feeling a little self-conscious when a guy holds/hugs you

To not being the chubby/fat friend

To treating your body like the temple that it is

To not freaking out when you do eat that extra 100 cal

To win that race

To be faster

To be stronger

To go harder


3 years ago

Its Tough

God why is it so fucking difficult. Planned to go out and do some exercise every day this summer and take some photographs in the process. I HAVEN’T DONE ANY OF IT. why am i so lethargic all the time. It’s not medical, I just had a blood test and everything seems fine. It doesn’t help that every time I sit down to eat something I feel like shit afterwards. The worst is that I hardly ever eat anything unhealthy It just happens to be that I eat way to much. My genetics doesn’t help either, I mean neither of my parents are on the super skinny side and my grandparents are all really heavy as opposed to that tiny little frail grandma you often see. I know I need to lose weight but I am just so unmotivated when it comes to almost anything in life. As is sit here I can’t even bother to lift my head and look at what I’m typing. 

Please, all i’m asking is to get to the point where I am not physically repulsed by seeing myself in the mirror every day. 

I need some help

Always Remember,

Break from the routine

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Where I spent a few days of my vacation

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Trying To Keep Calm

Ugh, my head has been so full lately. School, Boys, Girls, a stupid homophobic country that wont let me express my personality without being deported or worse. So yeah, some people think they have problems because there are bullied. Try having the government as your own private bully as well as everyone thinking its just not right (and being right in this stupid country). I mean really why the fuck do people still have to argue this. The human race seems to be failing me. There are very few countries where anything is truly moving forward.

Anyway, aside from having to deal with that, I am getting somewhat frustrated. I decided that I refused to be in a relationship during my school year just because the complications of it are just to much for me to deal with. I can barely deal with school. The frustrating thing is that having my best friends as girls is friggin impossible. I swear, like just today, one of my best friends pulls me aside to tell me that they like me. anyway long story short we just decided that we are only friends. But still, i’m positive the relationship aint going to be the same as it was before.

And this conflicts with my ongoing fight with my sexuality. I’m going to bet that I’m probably around a 4 or on the Kinsey scale, but its not like I can explore that living in such a homophobic country. 

Anyway, i’ve proabably bored anyone whom has read this far to death so i’m just going to give you my regular sign off and go to sleep.

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"Don’t you get it. You are a source of income, not a mother"

3 years ago

Oh Tumblr.

Oh Tumblr, you funny motherfucker. My life is so much better with you, yet you seem to be so difficult for some people to use. Why is that do you think, I guess tumblr was just made for awesome people.

Anyway, these last 2 weeks after school are so utterly pointless that I have actually found myself wanting to do work. I mean really, what is the point of going to school to have 4 out of your 7 classes free. The most teaching that occurred was when our french class of 3 taught the teacher how to download stuff using uTorrent. Yeah, that’s right uTorrent.

Well anyway, still counting down to summer vacation. First to Kiev - Virginia - New York - Virginia - Kiev. 

A Shit load of photography is going to be happening. Prepare for a photo overload

Always Remember,

Break From The Routine

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"Anyone else think that RayWilliamJohnson is kinda cute"

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